How it all started

Because my topic at (dutch) motor-forum started to look like a weblog i decided to construct this website.

This website is preliminary about constructing a sidecar to my Moto Guzzi V1000sp and the modifications to that motorcycle.
Newly added is the the converting of my BMW K75 to a sidecar combination.

By now the Guzzi is sold and the BMW/EML combination has taken it's place.

This was the Moto Guzzi:
gele guzzi

And this is the "new" combi


The Guzzi was a never ending low budget story (by choice).
I've bought the machine after spending a holiday in Belgium trying to keep the Triumph/velorex combination running.
The Triumph was a 1972 tr7rv wich i've been riding solo for a couple of years and married to the velorex 562 in 1992.

With the Triumph i was afraid to leave the working area of the ANWB (dutch AA) because the machine was always full of mechanical surprises.
For example, i've lost a rh exhaust valve, three times without a reasonable cause.
That holiday in Belguim was the final stroke, the Triumph had to go.
After selling the Triumph (as a solo) i bought the Guzzi.
The quest was to find a bike which was relyable and simple ta maintain.
As beeing a long time BMW twin driver that was my first choice, unfortuanaly beemers are not cheap and the frame is not sidecar resistant and will bend unless stiffened.
Guzzi's are a little cheaper and have a frame that is sidecar resistant.
A 1000SP, bought new in Utah (US) in 1983 and imported in 1990 to the netherlands.
The price was right but he was reasonable neglected.
This machine brought a lot of pleasure and happy diy moments.

The velorex was found a little narrow by the passengers, the search started for a slightly wider sidecar.
The target was a more modern single seater sidecar.
On the internet was an advertisement for a pretty large EML GT3E, complete with a converting kit for a goldwing 1500.
It was a damaged example but with a swing arm front fork and a set of 15 inch wheels for a good price.
A sidecar like that is great but a bit to large for an old Guzzi to pull.
so the Guzzi was for sale again and the commuting BMW K75 was to be converted to the new sidecar puller.
With regret, there was a lot of efford put in the conversion of the Guzzi and i could have had a lot of fun with it for years.

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